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Philodendron scandens “Brasil”


Philodendron scandens “Brasil”

Philodendron is native to the tropical rainforests of South America and the Caribbean region. Its name comes from the Greek “Philo” , love and from “dendron” , tree.

Our tips for taking care of your plants

Your hydroponic Plantophia plant does not need special care, just follow these small precautions:


The plant is equipped with a small water level indicator. Pour the water until the indicator reaches the OPT level. When the bar has dropped to the MIN level, leave the plant without water for a few days to be able to oxygenate its roots.


It needs a lot of light, better if not in full sun. However, it also grows well in a low light environment.


The optimum temperature is around 20-25°C.


Use a microfiber cloth. Place a leaf on the palm of your hand and gently wipe the cloth over the entire surface.


This plant needs to be fertilized every 3 months. For the quantity, follow the instructions on the fertilizer package.


It loves warm temperatures, but like all tropical plants, it fears the cold. Already when the thermometer approaches 10°C there can be irreparable damage to the stem and leaves.

The benefits

Keeping a specimen of this plant will allow us to breathe some fresh forest air. In fact, the philodendron is part of the large family of air-purifying plants and is very effective in the daily fight against domestic pollution.

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