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Pleomele reflexa Song of Jamaica


Pleomele reflexa Song of Jamaica

This plant is native to Madagascar, Mauritius and other oceanic islands. It is particularly appreciated for the extraordinary beauty of the leaves. The aerial part is composed of green stems and a thick and tuft top of leaves that are constantly renewed.

Our tips for taking care of your plants

Your hydroponic Plantophia plant does not need special care, just follow these small precautions:


The plant is equipped with a small water level indicator. Pour the water until the indicator reaches the OPT level. When the bar has dropped to the MIN level, leave the plant without water for a few days to be able to oxygenate its roots.


Love bright areas but not direct sun.


The ideal temperature is between 16°C and 24°C.


Use a microfiber cloth. Place a leaf on the palm of your hand and gently wipe the cloth over the entire surface.


This plant needs to be fertilized every 3 months. For the quantity, follow the instructions on the fertilizer package.


Choose a place that is sheltered from drafts. It is necessary to pay attention to sudden changes in temperature.

The benefits

It is a plant that purifies the air by absorbing benzene, trichlorethylene and toluene.

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