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Schefflera arboricola “Gold Capella”


Schefflera arboricola “Gold Capella”

The genus Schefflera includes about nine hundred species, evergreen and perennial, coming mainly from the tropical forests of South America and Indonesia.

Our tips for taking care of your plants

Your hydroponic Plantophia plant does not need special care, just follow these small precautions:


The plant is equipped with a small water level indicator. Pour the water until the indicator reaches the OPT level. When the bar has dropped to the MIN level, leave the plant without water for a few days to be able to oxygenate its roots.


The light, essential to maintain the brightness of the foliage and the intensity of the variegations, must be uniformly diffused around the whole plant and must not come from a single point, in order to avoid unsightly curvatures of the foliage.


Temperatures must be between 22 and 25°C.


Use a microfiber cloth. Place a leaf on the palm of your hand and gently wipe the cloth over the entire surface.


This plant needs to be fertilized every 3 months. For the quantity, follow the instructions on the fertilizer package.


It fears sudden changes in temperature, therefore avoid positions near sources of heat and cold drafts.

The benefits

Il potere di purificatore dell’aria può essere riconosciuto anche alla Schefflera che assorbe alcune delle tossine presenti nell’aria come benzene, formaldeide e toluene.

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