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Terms and conditions

1. Introduction

These General Conditions, together with your order confirmation, constitute the contract between Plantophia and the Customer for the supply of the products. No other Terms and Conditions will be applied, it is understood that the Customer agrees with the general conditions provided in this text from the moment he accepts that he has read and agrees with these Terms and Conditions.

With regard to access, navigation and purchase of Plantophia products and services, offered on (from now on, the “Website”) owned by GREEN SERVICE SRL , you must read and accept the respective Legal Texts (these Terms and Conditions, the Legal Notice, the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy).

GREEN SERVICE SRL reserves the right to make the appropriate changes, without notice, in the Terms and Conditions. These changes can be made using all forms admissible by law and are binding for the entire duration of their publication and until they are validly corrected by subsequent ones. However, GREEN SERVICE SRL reserves the right to apply, in some cases, and when it deems it appropriate, Special Contract Conditions in place of these Terms and Conditions, communicating them in advance and in a timely manner.

2. Purpose and duration

The purpose of the Website is to offer, promote and allow the contracting and delivery of hydroponic plants and accessories to the places indicated in exchange for an economic benefit, in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

The duration of the contract is bound to the delivery of the product.

3. Offer and validity

In compliance with current legislation, GREEN SERVICE SRL provides all information relating to the products and services offered, their characteristics and their prices, on the Plantophia Website. The products offered are accompanied by a photograph and the essential characteristics through the information provided by the manufacturer himself. The color of the product depicted in the photograph is not binding. The characteristics are indicative of the product.

However, GREEN SERVICE SRL reserves the right to withdraw, replace or change Plantophia products and services without prior notice and at any time. In this way, the products offered at that time are subject to the Terms and Conditions in force for each case. For the product on offer, the price relating to the offer as well as the validity and essential characteristics are always indicated on the Plantophia website.

All prices shown are in euros and include applicable VAT and / or any other applicable tax. The prices shown are those in force except in the case of possible obvious errors. Transport, the cost of which is divided later at the time of completion of the purchase, is not included in the price shown on the products.

4. Product Availability and Origin

The customer can request the sending of newsletters and updated information relating to offers, discounts and applicable promotions, as well as the quality, characteristics and origin of Plantophia products.

The availability of the products offered may vary according to customer demand. The warehouse is updated regularly, although the product requested by the customer may be out of stock. In the event of non-execution due to unavailability, the customer usually receives a notice during the purchase process and is offered the possibility that GREEN SERVICE SRL notifies by e-mail when the product in question is available again. In any case, as soon as GREEN SERVICE SRL becomes aware of this unavailability, it will communicate it to the customer by e-mail. The period of this communication may in no case exceed the maximum term of 30 days starting from the day following the order.

GREEN SERVICE SRL can propose the double choice: (a) to offer the customer, without price increase, an alternative product with similar characteristics or of superior quality; (b) or, with the exception of justified and demonstrable reasons by GREEN SERVICE SRL, within this same period of time, refund the sums paid for the canceled order.

All plants and accessories on the Plantophia website are produced in Italy.

GREEN SERVICE SRL is not responsible for the consequences that may derive from improper use of the products sold in its On-Line Shop.

5. Contractual procedures

For the purchase and contracting of the products and services offered through the online store activated on the Plantophia Website, it is necessary to create a personal account, providing the data requested in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

After logging in, it is necessary to confirm the selected products and services, the recipient’s data and the time of delivery. If the recipient is a third party other than the purchaser, it will only be possible to introduce the recipient’s personal data in the event that the recipient has given the relative informed consent to be able to process the personal data for the purpose of receiving the order and so that GREEN SERVICE SRL can perform the relative tracking with the recipient. The customer / buyer is responsible to GREEN SERVICE SRL for the legitimacy and quality of the aforementioned recipient data. The purchase ends with the payment phase, after choosing the vehicle and entering the required data.

Once the purchase procedure is completed, the customer receives a confirmation by email with the relevant invoice or copy of the order. It is essential that during the purchase procedure the customer specifies a valid email address or telephone number. If the confirmation is not received within 24 hours of completing the order, it will be necessary to contact GREEN SERVICE SRL.

6. Delivery of the order

Through the Plantophia Website, during the entire order preparation and shipment process, tracking systems are applied up to delivery, which indicate the status of the order at each stage and facilitate communication in the event of unforeseen events to guarantee consistently the quality of the service.

The order will be delivered to the address indicated by the customer during the purchase procedure within an approximate period ranging from one to five (1-5) working days from the time it leaves GREEN SERVICE SRL warehouses. Once the delivery has been completed, the buyer or, possibly, the recipient is notified who will be able to comment and evaluate the quality of the products and the provision of the service and notify GREEN SERVICE SRL of any non-conformities in order to resolve them as soon as possible.

GREEN SERVICE SRL assumes no responsibility in the event of non-delivery of the order if the data provided by the customer are false, inaccurate or incomplete or when it is not possible to make the delivery for reasons unrelated to the shipping company appointed for this purpose, such as the repeated absence of the recipient following several delivery attempts or the retention of the product by customs.

In any case, GREEN SERVICE SRL undertakes to deliver the order within a maximum of 10 days, starting from the day following the contract.

The customer assumes the risk relating to deterioration, damage, damage and loss of the products starting from the time of delivery of the same in accordance with the procedure established in these Terms and Conditions. The customer is responsible for the storage and storage of the products according to the conditions, if any, indicated on the labeling.

7. Prices

The sale price on the products is indicated in Euros and includes value added tax (VAT), or any other applicable tax. The prices shown are those in force except in the case of possible obvious errors.

The price of the products is that established from time to time on the Plantophia Website, except in the case of obvious error. However, prices may be subject to change at any time without affecting orders already confirmed.

8. Shipping costs

GREEN SERVICE SRL informs that the shipping costs are charged to the customer, and that these will be detailed during the purchase process. Additional shipping costs may be applied when the customer requests a specific delivery time (for example morning delivery), in which case, the amount of these shipping costs will also be detailed during the purchase process. The responsibility of the user to enter a complete and correct delivery address is emphasized.

Plantophia currently operates in Italy, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.

9. Methods of payment and order fulfillment

To pay the amount of the order, the customer has any of the methods indicated below.

GREEN SERVICE SRL has partnered with Stripe, Google Pay, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay to ensure maximum payment security. When you see the Stripe symbol, Google Pay or Apple Pay, the Customer can consider that your transaction is 100% protected.

If our security department suspects an anomaly or fraud, GREEN SERVICE SRL reserves the right to cancel the transaction for security reasons.

During the purchase procedure you must indicate an option:

Credit card, VISA or MASTERCARD

The transfer operations of personal or banking data take place in a protected environment through a server based on standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security technology. The information transferred is encrypted over the network.

Furthermore, the credit card data are entered directly into Stripe (a payment gateway) and are neither entered nor registered with any GREEN SERVICE SRL server.

When paying with a VISA or MASTERCARD card, the following data are always requested: the card number, the expiry date and a validation value that corresponds to the last three digits of the number printed in italics on the back of the VISA or MASTERCARD card; In this way, greater guarantees are offered with respect to the security of transactions.

In the event that the amount of a purchase has been charged fraudulently or incorrectly through the use of a card number for payment, the holder can demand immediate cancellation of the charge. In such circumstances, the relevant debit notes will be promptly made and the payment to the accounts of the supplier and owner will be promptly made.

However, if the purchase was actually made by the cardholder and the return request is not a consequence of exercising the right of withdrawal and therefore, the cancellation of the related charge has been improperly requested, the aforementioned holder will be required to compensation for damages to GREEN SERVICE SRL caused as a result of this revocation.


GooglePay allows you to store payment data in your Google account, manage and use them to transact with Google and with third parties via credit or debit card, gift card, bank or virtual current accounts, digital wallets, etc.

Further information on Google Pay at this link:

With reference to the transfer of personal data for the payment of orders, see the Privacy Policy.

10. Guarantees

All products offered on the Plantophia Website enjoy the commercial guarantee of the supplier. The customer can make use of an after-sales service, for the entire period of validity of the guarantee, available directly with GREEN SERVICE SRL.

11. Right of withdrawal, return and complaints

Right of withdrawal

The customer has a maximum period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the receipt of the order to exercise the right of withdrawal without the need to indicate the reasons.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the decision to withdraw from the contract must be communicated by means of an explicit declaration to the e-mail address To this end, you must use the withdrawal form contained in Annex 1 of these general conditions. To meet the withdrawal deadline, it is sufficient that the communication relating to the exercise of the right of withdrawal is sent before the withdrawal deadline has expired.

In case of withdrawal, all payments made will be returned to the customer using the same form of payment with which they were made. The shipping costs for the return are charged to the user. Returned products must be returned in normal conditions (in their original packaging and not used or manipulated). Before returning the Product, the Customer must ensure that it is adequately protected and sealed so that it does not suffer damage during transport.

If the cause of the return is that the product is defective or does not correspond to the order, GREEN SERVICE SRL will bear the costs of the return and the new shipment. If the reason is that the order does not satisfy the customer, the amount of the payment will be refunded, including shipping costs, but not the return costs. It should be noted that, if the customer has explicitly selected a different delivery method than the less expensive ordinary delivery method, GREEN SERVICE SRL will not reimburse the associated additional costs.

The refund of the amount takes place once the returned order returns to the office with the same form of payment used.

The customer must return the returned products, bearing the cost of the return, within 14 days from the communication of the return.

When the customer exercises the right of withdrawal on the subscription service or in relation to gift cards, GREEN SERVICE SRL retains the amounts corresponding to the value of the purchases and deliveries made, and proceeds with the remaining refund to be consumed.


In case of problems with the order, we want to be the first to know! It doesn’t happen often, but if it does, contact us and GREEN SERVICE SRL undertakes to replace the product with a new one. In particular, in the following cases:

When the product does not confirm the order (different botanical variety or wrong vase), the responsibility cannot be attributed to the recipient, the entire amount is refunded or the order is replaced with a new one.

When the delivery has been agreed for a specific time slot, and the relevant supplement has been charged, the full amount is refunded in the event that there are delays in delivery for reasons not attributable to the recipient.


If the customer wishes to file a complaint, he can do so via the email address

Online disputes:

Notwithstanding the foregoing, pursuant to Regulation (EC) 524/2013, the European Commission provides a free platform for the out-of-court resolution of online disputes for electronic contracting ( odr /) to which the parties can voluntarily submit, through the intervention of the so-called Dispute Resolution Body, which acts as an intermediary between the parties.

Link to the complaint form:

Link to the search engine of dispute resolution bodies:

12. Obligations of the user / customer

As a user or customer, he expressly declares to be informed, understand and accept the conditions of use and contract provided for in these Terms and Conditions. We inform the user that to make a purchase through our website you must be of age (+18 years). The purchase of products and / or services through this website by minors who do not meet the conditions established by law for this purpose is expressly prohibited, as well as for users who do not meet the requirements set out in these general conditions of employment. or, in the case, in the particular conditions.

Furthermore, the customer undertakes: (1) to pay the contracted service or services in a timely manner, (2) to make good use of the Plantophia Website and to comply with applicable laws, including, but not limited to, those relating to ownership Intellectual and Industrial, as well as the legal texts applicable on the Website and, consequently, not to violate the rights of third parties and not to carry out any illegal activity, (3) not to take part in any activity that hinders or interferes with the functioning of the Service , including the operation of servers and networks connected to the service.

You agree to be the only responsible, without GREEN SERVICE SRL assuming any responsibility towards the customer or third parties, for any type of non-fulfillment of the obligations provided for by the Legal Texts, and the related consequences, including any losses or damage that can be incurred.

Being a user of the Plantophia Website implies the reading and acceptance of the Legal Texts (Legal Notice, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and these Terms and Conditions) and as extended by the applicable legal regulations.

13. Jurisdiction

Without prejudice to the right of the parties to voluntarily submit to the online dispute resolution system mentioned in the previous paragraph, the relationship between user and supplier is governed by the current legislation applicable on the Italian territory. In the event of a dispute, the parties may submit it to arbitration or refer to ordinary jurisdiction in accordance with the provisions on jurisdiction and competence in this regard, subject to the jurisdiction of the consumer’s domicile.

In the case of a sale carried out by a company acting in the context of its business or commercial activity, both parties must submit, expressly renouncing any other forum, to the Courts of Venice (Italy).

Furthermore, GREEN SERVICE SRL reserves the right to bring civil and / or criminal actions it deems appropriate for the improper use of the Plantophia Website and their contents, or for non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

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